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"The church is not a haven for saints, it's a hospital for sinners."

This accurately tells you who we are. Like any other church, we are a group of people desperately in need of God's grace. We all mess up; we all fall short...the word in the Bible is 'sin.' But the Church is part of God's plan to redeem people back to him so we seek to be vessels of grace as God is gracious to us. We bless others as God blesses us!

Bremen United Methodist Church officially came to be on July 1, 2009. Previously, the town of Bremen had two United Methodist affiliated churches: Grace and Salem. In October, 2007, the churches decided to enter discussions to bring the two churches together and serve the community more effectively. After much discussion, visioning, praying, planning, negotiating and more praying, the churches voted on January 22, 2009 to become one church under one name.

Today, we find ourselves as a "new" church; seeking to be creative and innovative in our ministries while honoring our traditions.

We believe that when we place God in the middle of everything we do, and continuously live a life in a cycle of worship, learning and service, we will grow in our lives and become the people God created us to be. The vision for our people is for them to go deeper in their relationship with God by learning more about the Bible and its relevance in our lives.

The cycle of worship and learning (going deeper) moves us with compassion to serve the Lord in a variety of ways — in the church, in the community and in the world. Jesus always challenges us to go deeper in our relationship with Him and with one another; to practice hospitality and generosity and to extend God's grace to everyone around us. Go deeper...change the world around you by changing yourself. Come worship, learn and serve with people who love the Lord and our community.

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